Media Technology Seminar (Summer Semester 2018)

Lecturer (assistant) Eckehard Steinbach, Tamay Aykut, Christoph Bachhuber, Andreas Noll, Matti Strese, Jingyi Xu, Alexandra Zayets
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Teaching language German
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All participants will give a scientific talk (30min) on a certain topic. They will get references to related literature and further assistance, if required. In addition, they have to summarize the essentials in writing. The main aim of attending this seminar is to familiarize oneself with scientific working methods as well as gaining experience with modern techniques for speech and presentation. A special characteristic of the Media Technology Seminar is to focus on presentation techniques. In addition to general rhetoric rules, the use of different medias for presentations will be taught. The students will undergo a special training to improve their presentation skills.


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The topics for this semester are:

  1.  Head-Mounted Display Optics
  2.  Head Motion Tracking 
  3.  Direct Sparse Odometry
  4.  Stereoscopic 360 Degree Video
  5.  Feature Extraction and Object Detection in 360 Degree Videos
  6.  Compression of (Stereoscopic) 360 Degree Videos  
  7.  Optimal Tiling in 360 Degree Video Streaming
  8.  Motion Sickness - Causes and Remedies
  9.  Wearable Haptics for Augmented VR
  10.  The Visual Search Standards: From Classical Image Retrieval to Deep Learned Features 
  11.  Drone-Augmented Human Vision for VR
  12.  Head-Motion Prediction

You can find a more detailed description of the topics here.

The Kickoff-Meeting is scheduled for 11.04.18, 1:15-2:45 pm, room 0406. 

Attending the Kickoff-Meeting is mandatory to get registered for this course.