Reproduction of Textures based on ElectrovibrationReproduction of Textures based on Electrovibration

Reproduction of Textures based on Electrovibration

This demonstration presents a novel approach to display textures via electrovibration. We collect acceleration data from real textures using a sensorized tool-tip during controlled scans and captured images of the textures. We display these acceleration data using a common electrovibration setup.

If a single sine wave is displayed, it can be observed that spectral shifts occur. This effect originates from the electrostatic force between the finger pad and the touchscreen. According to our previous observations, when multiple sine waves are displayed interferences occur and acceleration signals from real textures may not feel perceptually realistic.We propose to display only the dominant frequencies from the real texture signal, considering the JND of frequencies, to mitigate this observation. During the demo session, we will let the attendees feel the differences between previously recorded texture signals and our proposed frequency-reduced texture signals. Moreover, the effect of different amounts of dominant frequencies will be shown to the attendees.