Tactile Mouse for Interactive Surface Material ExplorationTactile Mouse for Interactive Surface Material Exploration

Tactile Computer Mouse for Interactive Surface Material Exploration

This demo demonstrates the prototype of a novel tactile input/output device for the exploration of object surface materials on a computer. Our proposed tactile computer mouse is equipped with a broad range of actuators to present various tactile cues to a user, but preserves the input capabilities of a common computer mouse.

We motivate the design and implementation of our device by the insights of related work, which reveals the five major tactile dimensions relevant for human haptic texture and surface material perception and provide tactile feedback for these tactile dimensions, namely microscopic/macroscopic roughness, friction, hardness and warmth. We use a haptic database from our prior work to provide the necessary signals (e.g., acceleration, image or sound data) for the recreation of surface materials and display them using our surface material rendering application.