Efficient Streaming of Multi-Perspective Video

(3D Bild-Analyse und Synthese)
Externe Arbeit
Betreuer: Anas Al-Nuaimi
Multi perspective video content can appear in the context many advanced multi-media related mobile services. For example broadcasting of events or similar content that is recorded by multiple cameras, e.g. sport events, concerts or cooperatively recorded and shared video clips (social media).

There are two key problems involved in the efficient and interactive delivery of multi perspective video content to mobile devices. First, because of limited resources connected with mobile devices (e.g. bandwidth, memory, processing power, battery capacity) transmission of concurrent perspectives should be limited to the perspectives that are actually displayed at each time. On the other hand side to allow for interactive control requires fast reactive and seamless switching between perspectives that are currently on display and other potential viewing perspectives that can be selected by the user.

This master thesis focuses on network based or hybrid client server based solutions to allow for resource minimal yet still responsive interactive switching between the single perspectives of multi-perspective video content. The work includes analysis, design, prototypical implementation and evaluation of potential solutions. The evaluation should include at least the following criteria: core network bandwidth (from streaming server to and in between any parts of the solution that reside in the fixed network), client bandwidth, network side computation requirements of each component (e.g. transcoding etc.), client side computation (on the mobile device) and switching delay (time to switch perspective upon user request). At least two potential solutions should be compared according to the evaluation criteria.
Keywords: Networked Multimedia. Mobile Media
Anforderungen: Solid programming skills in C++ / Java/ C# or equivalent programming languages. Optionally experience with the development of mobile applications (Android, iPhone or WP7). Optionally, knowledge of Video/Data communications TCP/IP and VoIP (e.g., RTP, SIP). • Good English language skills, both reading and conversational.