Framework for Evaluation of Location Visualization Techniques of Multi-Perspective Recordings

(3D Bild-Analyse und Synthese)
Betreuer: Anas Al-Nuaimi
Within the CoopMedia project, we have developed a mobile client that can stream different persepctives of a multi-view video scenario. The client can switch between different views at synchronized switching points and hence allows the user to enjoy the scene from different perspectives. The interactive switching experience is affected by how intuitive the switching works between neighboring views and how compliant it is with user’s expectations. In this thesis, the student shall develop a framework for evaluating different techniques for visualizing locations of different perspectives capturing a multi-view scenario. The framework shall evaluate the intuitiveness and the compliance of the different techniques with human expectation and desire. Different methods shall for visualization shall be investigated and implemented. A metric for intuitiveness shall be worked out and used in subjective tests to evaluate the different visualization methods. The most pleasing method shall be adopted for the CoopMedia client and integrated fully.