RoVi exhibited at the A3 Forum

The LMT spin-off project "RoVi" exhibited at the A3 Business Forum in Orlando in January 2018. The A3 Business Forum is the world’s leading annual networking event for robotics, vision & imaging, motion control, and motors professionals.

RoVi's demo at the A3 forum in Orlando

RoVi showed the fully camera-based control of a "sensorless" robot arm. A video of the demo can be found here.

The demonstrated robot arm does not rely on any of the typical sensors in the joints, such as rotary encoders or absolute rotation sensors. Instead, an external standard grayscale camera, which observes the robot arm, is the only sensor used in this setup. Joint positions are measured by a novel vision software from the camera images!

Complex and costly hardware sensors are replaced by software. This greatly reduces the hardware complexity, weight and cabling effort, as well as costs of components, assembly and maintenance. In fact, this innovative sensor system allows to build robot arms that are both intelligent and low-cost and can support us in various tasks like for example commissioning small parts, packaging with high flexibility, automated inventory and process monitoring.