Best Paper Awards

PV 2012 featured three awards for outstanding contributions to the workshop.

DOCOMO Euro-Labs PV 2012 best paper award:

Scaling Server-Based Channel-Change Acceleration to Millions of IPTV Subscribers

Marc Mignon*, Koen Bouckhout**, Joshua Gahm**, Ali Begen**
* Belgacom, Brussels, Belgium
** Cisco, San Jose, USA

Best paper award

Nomor Research
best student paper award:

Distributed Rate Allocation in P2P Networks with Inter-Session Network Coding
Eirina Bourtsoulatze, Nikolaos Thomos, Pascal Frossard
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Best student paper award

best student paper award:

Virtual RTCP: A Case Study of Monitoring and Repair for UDP-based IPTV Systems
Alejandra Soni Garcia*, Joerg Ott*, Martin Ellis**, Colin Perkins**
* Aalto University, Espoo, Finland
** University of Glasgow, Scotland

Best student paper award


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Nomor Research

Alcatel Lucent