Seminar on Topics in Signal ProcessingSeminar on Topics in Signal Processing

Seminar on Topics in Signal Processing (Wintersemester 2018/19)

Dozent Eckehard Steinbach, Christoph Bachhuber, Kai Cui, Andreas Noll, Matti Strese, Jingyi Xu, Alexandra Zayets
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Vortragssprache Englisch
Umfang 3 SWS
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The major goals of the seminar are to learn how to do scientific research and to learn and practice presentation techniques. Each student has to prepare a scientific talk about the topic he or she has registered for. The students have to collect the required literature, understand its contents, and prepare a presentation about it that summarizes the topic.


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Thema WS18/19: Haptic Display Technologies and VR 

There are 12 topics for the students:

  1.  Introduction to Human Haptic Perception
  2.  Haptic Data Acquisition
  3.  Haptography and Data-driven Rendering
  4.  Vibrotactile Actuators
  5.  Ulltrasonic-based Variable Friction Displays
  6.  Electrostatic Displays 
  7.  Thermal Displays and Rendering
  8.  Pneumatic and Fluid-based Displays
  9.  Wearable Systems
  10.  Mid-Air Feedback
  11.  Teleoperation with Haptic Feedback
  12.  Tactile Data Compression

A detailed description of these topics can be found hier.

The Kickoff-meeting will be held on: 19.10.2018, 13.15 Uhr, room 0406.

Students on the registration list are required to be present at the kickoff-meeting to get a final position on this seminar.